Organic Fruits and Vegetables

Kenwood Organic Produce is your local neighborhood source for fresh organic produce. Locally owned and operated by your neighbors, shop us first for the healthiest fresh fruits and vegetables.


Historic Kenwood Neighborhood
Stay tuned for more details
St Petersburg, FL 33713

Hours of Operation

Catch us at the Safety Harbor
farmers market starting January 12th

An organic diet increases consumption of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and essential fatty acids.

Non-organic food often contains harmful hormones and pesticides

St Pete Plant Based BBQ

Thank you to Ray from Ray's Vegan Soul
who provided great food
each Sunday at our old location.

We're a ZERO WASTE Store

The oceans are full of plastic, our recycling centers can't recycle the a quarter of we send them, and now China doesn't want our recyclables anymore. The solution isn't recycling, it's reusing.

Kenwood Organic eliminates the waste and only sells items in 100% reusable or compostable containers. We even sell reusable containers.

Kickstarter Campaign

Thanks to all our backers! You helped us raise over $3000 so we can complete our store.

Why Organic?

We believe everyone should be able to eat the healthiest food possible without paying too much.

The Dirty Dozen (2019)

The list of fruit and vegies to always buy organic

  • 1 Strawberries
  • 2 Spinach
  • 3 Kale NEW
  • 4 Nectarines
  • 5 Apples
  • 6 Grapes
  • 7 Peaches
  • 8 Cherries
  • 9 Pears
  • 10 Tomatoes
  • 11 Celery
  • 12 Potatoes
  • 13 Hot Peppers

  • Enviromental Working Group Key Findings

    More than 98 percent of samples of non-organic strawberries, spinach, peaches, nectarines, cherries and apples tested positive for residue of at least one pesticide.

    A single sample of strawberries showed 20 different pesticides.

    Spinach samples had, on average, 1.8 times as much pesticide residue by weight than any other crop.

    Source EWG

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