eggs (dozen ) 7.000
eggs (dozen ) 7.000
milk half gallon 8.000
gouda cheese 10.000
Subscription - Raw Milk
Kenwood Organic Produce

Delivery Box Subscription Form

Raw Milk Box

We have partnered with Jersey Acres Farm
in Myakka Florida to bring you fresh raw
milk and dairy products. If you are unfamiliar
with raw milk please read the notice at the
bottom of this page.

FREE DELIVERY in south Pinellas County.
Delivered fresh every Monday

Choose your box
1/2 Gallon Raw Milk, 1 dozen eggs
and 1 cup of butter $20/week
1/2 Gallon of Raw Milk, 1 dozen eggs
and 1lb of cheese $25/week
1/2 Gallon of Raw Milk, 1 dozen eggs
1 cup of butter and 1lb of cheese $30/week

Mix and Match what you want at no extra charge. Just email or text us

Cream, sour cream, cottage cheese, yogurt, cheese curds etc.. are
available ala cart at our online store

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We will bill your credit card or ApplePay via Square
the day before your scheduled delivery. We do not
collect your credit card number, that is all done
through Square. Cancel at anytime, but please
allow seven days for deliverys
to stop.


The Florida Department of Agriculture permits the sale
of Raw Milk and Raw Milk Products for Pet Consumption
Only, even though there is no state law that covers
this issue. The state permits raw milk sales for animal
consumption either on the farm or in retail stores.
This in no way diminishes the quality of Jersey Acres
products. We both take pride in providing clean,
nutritious raw milk to our customers.

Please refrain from discussing personal usage or the
health benefits of Raw Milk with us or Jersey Acres as
this would jeopardize their license.